The Influence of Website Design to User Behavior

There are actually many factors which influence the buyers’ decision, but surely we can say that the colors in the background on the website play their bit too. The colors of the various images are always the deciding factor when it comes to influencing a buyer. With the passage of time, it is seen that the web designers and marketers peddle their stuff giving much stress on the color of the products. To comprehend more about the website design and color it is important to know more about the relationship between colors and design and its influence upon people.

Research on the subject matter has revealed that there is a certain relationship between colors and purchasing behavior of the consumers. A few of the colors which has an impact on the minds of the customer is the color of red, yellow, green, orange and white. There is a term coined as color psychology which is actually a branch of well-studied science. Though it is tricky area it must be mentioned that the color psychology has no scientific proof to back it up. It has been studied that a viewer forms an opinion of the product in the first 90 seconds. The success of a website depends upon its color usage.

There are a few colors which suit different categories of customers at different points of time. For instance, if it is a website meant for men then the colors which should be used on the website are that of blue, green and black. For women, the preferred choice of colors is those of purple and green.

It would be easy for you to understand the impact of colors if we delve into the matter slightly more elaborately. For instance the color of blue is used to gain the trust of the customers. Blue is meant for the purpose of spreading peace, order and loyalty. Yellow is meant to indicate fun and friendliness. Other psychologists are of the opinion that the color yellow also has a negative impact upon the minds of the viewer. Green is most connected toward being more eco-friendly and being closer to nature. The color of green stands up for being in tune with nature.

We can say that the website designs influence the viewer also and makes him biased towards whether he would further proceed on viewing the website or not. The Responsive web design service starts with the basic fact that in this age we have been introduced to mobile friendly websites. Almost more than a chunk of 65{38a670e1c152690045baa888c1330023ee5ad52aa3188c3ba4d0d7068a273e73} of people using the web on their mobile devices should be able to access the web pages by dint of a responsive mobile friendly website. The websites are so designed so that the website can be enjoyed on desktops, laptops and smart phones.

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